Site Design/Label design

Gauge Branding.We're about original ideas, impeccable design and good partnerships. We'll create your brand, develop strategy, name it, design it, photography it, manage it, produce it and then it's yours to keep. Or, if your brands packaging has gotten dusty and dated over time, we'll give it a voice and breathe new life into it.

Website Development

CAMALEO web intelligence is a boutique web development company based in Napa, California. Founded in 2000, it quickly gained a reputation for cutting-edge technology, creative design, and a custom approach to client needs. With a client portfolio anchored by an enviable list of Napa Valley marquee wineries and technology-based businesses, owner Brendan Murphy is a professional who can be said to enjoy the fruit of his work.


Suzanne Becker Bronk Photography. Suzanne's current portfolio reveals the art of winemaking through landscape, process and people in a way that inspires the viewer to see this ever-changing world from new and unusual perspectives.  Producing images that are deeply nostalgic, yet contemporary in feel, Suzanne loves watching the vines and light interplay through the seasons and is fascinated by the nuances of the winemaking process.